Worship Hall Expansion

We have been greatly blessed by our gracious Lord in seeing a steady stream of folk applying for membership in the church. For the past two years it seems a month does not go by without an addition to the membership. We have also a good number of visitors to our services and our Worship Hall on a Lord’s Day morning is often full to capacity with well over 200 in attendance.

Our major practical need then at the present time is for the expansion of our Church Worship Hall.  We hope to be able to double its size (which is located on the 2nd floor (UK 1st floor) by extending it over the top of our Fellowship Hall.  Plans are currently being drawn up by Rance Dela Cruz one of our members who is an architect. (A sketch of the proposed extension appears below. ) The project is expected to cost about Php5,000,000 or  US$106,000 or £70,000. This is a large sum in Philippines terms which we as a church cannot raise from among our members as we know their financial limitations. We therefore are seeking the kindness and help of brethren abroad.

Many of you probably cannot help financially due to the restraints on your resources however we still would greatly value your prayers and loving concern.

New Extension Proposal