Thanksgiving and Prayer Request for the Month of September 2014

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Praise & Thanksgiving:

  1. God’s continued faithfulness to us as a church in spite of our failures and sins. We continue to see good congregations with visitors each Lord’s Day in our services. We are also seeing some becoming regular in attendance.
  2. Our recently concluded 2 day Retreat in Bulacan. It was a time of reflection, instruction and sweet fellowship for the roughly 100 who attending. All thanks and praise to our Lord.
  3. We have several more folk applying for membership including two of our girls from CCM. May we be given wisdom as they are interviewed and encouraged.
  4. For the ongoing Relief Work in Tacloban with the distribution of Blackboards and the roofing of homes in two more barangays.
  5. For the ministry and teaching in GMA of Dr. Ian Densham who returned back to the UK on the 11th Aug. May his ministry bring forth fruit to the glory of our God.


Prayer Requests:

  1. For the drawing up of plans for an extension to our Building and particularly our Worship Area. Pray also for the funds we would need to even begin such a project.
  2. For Recent visitors from abroad who come, help and encourage us in the work of the Lord and practically in the ministry of CCM. Pray for Hannah Dickinson who will be returning to the UK on the 2nd.
  3. For the Students in GMA that they will continue to persevere in their studies and for the lecturers as they teach and encourage the men.
  4. Natalie Vellacott (missionary) is currently in the UK with some medical concerns as well as visiting family and her church. Pray for her health and the book she has written about her work. Pray also for her early return.
  5. Reddy & Naomi Gonzales with their children hope to return in October from the UK. Pray for them as they make arrangements and for Naomi being able once more to do tutorial work in the CCM Homes even with two small children to look after.
  6. We are still in need of 2 Social Workers in CCM. Please pray for this very important need as without them it means our Social Workers are overloaded with work at the present time. We are also in need of sponsors for our children.
  7. We have had to cancel our plans for the time being to begin construction of our new CCM Boys Home due to changing our architect and contractor. Please pray as new plans for a some what reduced project are being drawn up and that we might be able to begin construction before the end of the year.
  8. Continue to pray that we might see conversions among those who attend our services, evangelistic Bible Studies and also among the Homeless.
  9. We would like to see an RB Church established in Tacloban. Pray for Danny Baguio who is seeking to begin a Bible Study at the property we rent for our Relief Work Headquarters. Danny is a native Waray speaker.
  10. We have a number of members who have loved ones with serious illnesses such as cancer. Please pray for comfort and trust that “all things work together for good to them that love God and are called according to His purpose.”