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Prayer Request for November 2014

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Dates for the end of the year


11     GMA opening of 2nd Semester
17-21     Relief Work in Tacloban
29     CCM EAP Party


4       Drop-in Party
5       CCM Staff Party
13     Sunday School End of Year Program (8:30am)
CRBC Church Party   (4:00 pm)
20     Joy Putal’s wedding


Prayer Items for November

Praise & Thanksgiving:

  1. At the beginning of the month we received one new member Natallie and saw the restoration of two members, one who had previously been excommunicated. There were also two of our CCM young people giving testimonies for membership as well as others applying.
  2. Good attendance at the CCM Parental Effectivity Seminars. 170 mothers; 70 fathers and 116 YP. We give thanks for the opportunity to give principles for godly living and an opportunity to preach the Word of God.
  3. Ongoing Membership Class taught by Pastor Mon. A number have begun to ask about membership. Please pray that those who are Christians and attending will be convicted of the need to commit themselves to a church and fellow Believers.
  4. For the Drop-in Camp which was held last month. Many listened well and asked questions. Please pray for conversions among our homeless friends.
  5. Continued love and unity in the church.

Prayer Requests:

  1. CCM EAP Director Cathy Gacutan has just left for the UK and a visit to Germany. While in the UK she will be taking part in a number of “Focus Days” for CCM. These are to encourage and inform our supporters and sponsors. Please pray that Cathy will be greatly helped along with former Homes Director Virgie Biala who is married and now lives in the UK.
  2. Preparation for the various parties that CCM holy in the communities and the Homes. Pray for Tina Ablao who is now the OIC for the Community work while Director Cathy is away.
  3. We are still in need of at least 2 Social Workers in CCM.
  4. We hope at last to begin construction of the new Boys’ Home. Please pray we can find the right contractor and that we will have sufficient funds for this important project.
  5. Grace Ministerial Academy (GMA) begins classes for the 2nd Semester of the 11th. Please pray for the load that Pastor Noel carries and also for Bro. Recman teaching languages. Pastor Ellis will also be returning to teach while Pastor Gilbert MacAdam is in the UK
  6. We have a number of members who have loved ones with cancer. Joseph & Reggie Mangahas’ mother has stage 3 breast cancer and will undergo chemo. Lala Espaniola’s mother also has advanced cancer. She lives in Iloilo. Pray for her conversion.
  7. Pastor Larry Malabayas is seeking to begin a work in Baco, Marinduque while commuting each week to GMA. Pray for wisdom, strength and financial provision. May his desire to see a reformed church planted in Marinduque be fulfilled.
  8. The ministry in Morong, Rizal is encouraging and we long to see a church covenanted there. Pray for Erwin Cadalin who heads up this work.
  9.  This month sees CRBC/CCM relief work in Tacloban once more in full swing. Members are taking time off of work to volunteer in this ministry. We hope to distribute supplies and aid to at least 5,000 families who are still in great need. Along with material help we also have purchased 5,000 Waray Bibles to also give to the families we plan to help.
  10. We would also like to see a RB Church planted in Tacloban. May the Lord guide and direct us if this is His will at this time.


Prayer Bulletin for January 2014

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Prayer Request


Praise & Thanksgiving:

  1. For the Lord’s many mercies and grace to us as a church in 2013.
  2. For the 10 members added to us during this past year – particularly for those who came to faith and were baptized.
  3. For the many opportunities given to us to proclaim the gospel, in Bible Studies, special meetings, and our regular evangelistic activities.
  4. For the provision of funds so that we have been able to air-condition our Worship Hall and also construct a wide staircase.
  5. For the Lord’s blessings on our ministries — CCM, the Drop-in street ministry and GMA. We have seen much of the Lord kindness and mercy.
  6. The wonderful response from friends overseass for the appeal for finances for the ongoing relief work among Yolanda victims. It has been beyond description.
  7. The commitment of members to the ministries of the church which could not be run without them.
  8. For the peace, love and unity experienced in the church. May the Lord be pleased to continue to bless us.

Prayer Requests:

  1. That we as a church might be even more committed to following the Saviour and living for His glory in this New Year. May He be exalted in all our meetings and activities.
  2. Wisdom on how and where to concentrate our ongoing relief activities for Yolanda victims. There is a great responsibility to use the funds received wisely and efficiently to accomplish as much good as possible. We expect such activity to continue for quite some time.
  3. We expect as many as 10 applicants to give their testimonies this month for membership. Quite a few of them are asking for baptism. All praise be to God. May the elders and the church be given much discernment.
  4. Our Annual Church Meeting is planned for the 25th. May it be a time of reflection, re-dedication to the Lord and united commitment to the ministries the Lord has called us to.
  5. Preparation for the Pastors’ Conference set for Feb 4–6. Pray particularly for the main preachers, George McDearmon (USA); Norman Hopkins (UK) and Noel Espinosa. The title of the Conference is The Man after God’s own Heart.
  6. Our continual need for additional Social Workers in CCM.
  7. The Lord is at work among our young people. May He be pleased to draw many of them unto Himself in repentance and faith.
  8. We are expecting as a church this month, to take the oversight of the church planting ministry in Morong, Rizal. Erwin Cadalin will be heading up this work in the will of the Lord. May it in the Lord’s time be established as a covenanted local church.
  9. That the Lord will provide the finances for all our ministries and for further improvements to our meeting place, such as disabled access and even the extension of our Worship Hall.
  10. We will be considering this month and next whether the Lord is raising up other men in the church particularly for the office of Deacon. Pray the Lord will give much wisdom and unity to the members in any decisions that may be reached.
  11. Formal wedding of John T. Sparrow and Virgie Biala on the 18th. Large group coming from the UK for the wedding.
  12. A number of members have been or are sick. Particularly pray of Sister Shirley who is recovering from a hysterectomy operation. Also pray for our older members, some who travel long distances to come to CRBC.

Prayer Bulletin for November 2013

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Prayer Request


Dates for the Calendar

Nov 12 – Opening of 2nd Semester of GMA

Nov 14 - 10th Anniversary of Drop-in. Matt Gamston speaker

Nov 15 - Friday Night Bible Class begins

Nov 19-28 - GMA Modular Class with Ian Densham

Nov 30 - Couples’ Fellowship

Dec 6 - CCM Staff Party

Dec 7 - Sunday School Program

Dec 10 - CCM Homes Party

Dec 12 - Drop-in Party

Dec 14 - CCM EAP Party am -  Church Party pm

Please be in prayer for the Lord’s guidance

and blessing upon these special meetings.


Prayer Bulletin for November 2013

Praise & Thanksgiving:

1.        The Camp for the Homeless (Drop-in Camp) was a blessed time with no untoward incidents as have happened in the past. Please pray that the word preached and also heard in the bible study groups will bring forth fruit unto eternal life.

2.        We thank the Lord for our young people who were able to attend the YP Camp. Again may the Lord bless the ministry there to their salvation.

3.        The Drop-in staff and volunteers had an overnight retreat at Sierra Madre Resort. They discussed and evaluated the drop in camp ministry and found it very beneficial and believe their commitment was very worth while.

4.        Thanks for the CRBC day-outing on 26th October at Antipolo. Pastor Mon lead the devotion on “Endeavoring to keep the unity of the church”.  We do thank the Lord for the unity we do experience by the grace of God.

5.        For the addition to the membership by transfer from the UK of Dr Carmela Espaniola.

Prayer Requests:

1.        The opening of the new semester of GMA on the 12th. Ian Densham once more will be with us taking a modular class on the Pentateuch from the 19th – 28th.  He arrives on the 13th

2.        Please also pray for the Friday Night Bible Class beginning on the 15th and conducted by Pastor Espinosa which is open to all.  May a good number again attend from different churches.

3.        Analyn Ablao has taken over as Officer in Charge of the CCM Children’s  Homes while we say farewell to Virgie Biala Sparrow who will be joining her husband in the UK. Please pray for both of them in their adjustment to their new responsibilities.

4.        We are still very much in need of Social Workers in CCM. Please pray that the Lord will bring the right people to us who can join our dedicated staff.

5.        Drop-in Thursday night meeting will celebrate its 10th year anniversary on the 14th. Brother Matt Gamston will be the speaker.

6.        We are planning a special Couples’ Fellowship on the 30th. May it be a blessed time of fellowship and encouragement.

7.        One of the girls in CCM homes, Jennalyn Banzuelo, has formally applied for church membership. Please pray for wisdom in assessing her profession of faith.

8.        The Lord willing, brother Larry Malabayabas will be formally ordained as interim pastor of Providence Baptist church, Tondo on the 17th of this month.

9.        Last month Noelyn one of our older girls in the CCM Homes suddenly died in her sleep of a heart attack . This has been a great shock to all. However from the writing in her journal we have much hope that she was the Lord’s. Please pray for her father and sibilings, (2 of her brothers are with CCM). Pray also that the Lord will use her sudden death to awaken our children and young people to their great need of the Saviour of sinners.

Prayer Items for the Month of October 2013

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Cubao Reformed Baptist Church

Bulletin for October 2013




3    GMA End of 1st Semester.
9-11     Drop-in Camp       at Jabez,Camp Site, Dasmarinas
13  Lord’s Day 1:45 YP – Discussion with Dr Carmela
15 Church Outing      (National Holiday) All are invited
19  Church Members’ Meeting  (2.00 pm)
27  Lord’s Day 1:45 YP Fellowship


8    Pastors’ Felowship with Pastor Joshua Sheldon (USA)
12  GMA 2nd Semester opening
17  1.45pm YP Fellowship
29-30   YP Overnight at CRBC
30  Couples’ Fellowship


7    Sunday School Program
10  CCM Homes Party
12  Drop-in Year End Party
14  am CCM EAP Party
pm CRBC Church Party



Praise & Thanksgiving:

  1. For the baptism of Siene Delector the first Lord’s Day of Sept.
  2. We expect to have Dr Carmela Espanola to be added the first Lord’s Day of October by transfer from the UK.
  3. The safe delivery of a baby boy – Alexander to Leah and Leo Torres.
  4. Completion of our new staircase,
  5. For the many visitors we are having. One recently came looking for a reformed church. We have news of others wanting to attend with us because they want a Reformed Church.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Drop-in Camp for the Homeless 9th–11th at Jabez. Pray for the ministry of the word and for the camp staff. Above all pray that the word will find a place in the hearts of all who hear and that the Lord will be pleased to save sinners.
  2. On the 15th there is planned a church outing and fellowship. May this be blessed of the Lord in bringing us even closer together in love for one another. May we have good weather.
  3. Church Members’ Meeting on the 19th. We rejoice in God’s goodness and mercy to us as a church. May all the glory be given unto him. Pray for wisdom in making decisions during the meeting.
  4. GMA will be on semestrial break from the 4th. May the men be refreshed and encouraged in their home churches. Pray for Pastor Espinosa that he may get some rest during this time.
  5. CCM is still in great need of Social Workers. Please pray that the Lord will bring to us the people of His choice. Virgie Biala also steps down from being the Director of the Children’s Homes at the end of the month. Pray for Analyn Ablao as she takes over the position.
  6. Scott and Emilyn Delohery believe the Lord would have them return to the USA at this time. Scott will leave on the 8th to look for work and a place to stay. Emy and Daniel will follow later. Pray for them as they make this transition. They hope to be able also to help promote CCM in the US.
  7. We need wisdom as to the Lord’s will as we consider further expansion work on our building. We are greatly in need of an elevator for the disabled, aged and infirm to be able to reach our second floor Worship Hall. We are also considering the possible doubling of the size of our Worship Hall.
  8. Continue to bring before the Lord our Evangelistic Bible Studies in the Cubao area as well as in Montalban. Pray for conversions. Also for conversions among our children and regular attenders in our meetings.
  9. Remember Larry Malabayabas (our member and GMA student) who is now Acting Pastor in Providence Baptist Church Tondo.
  10. Pray for our expectant mothers. Crisel Cadalin who is due later this October. She has been diagnosed with gall stones and is in need of an operation. However this cannot be performed until after the delivery of her baby. Also pray for expectant mother Jill Pascual, wife of our deacon Joel due in January.
  11. There are others in the congregation who are considering applying for membership. May they be encouraged to so apply. Pray for wisdom for the Elders to be discerning in examining candidates for membership.
  12. Above all pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon us all that we may be more faithful and Christ like in all we do. That sinners may be drawn to the Lord and saved from their sins.

September 2013 Prayer Items

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Prayer Request

Praise & Thanksgiving:

  1. We thank the Lord for the celebration of our 34th year as a church last Aug 3. Pastor Alex Bartolome was our preacher, preaching from Joshua 1:9 that we are to be strong and courageous for the Lord is with us. May the Lord help us to fulfill His Word. This thanksgiving service was followed by a sumptuous meal with lechon being the main course.
  2. Three young people Jose, Hazel and Monique were baptized on the first Lord’s Day of August and added to the church.
  3. Three more then gave their testimony on that first Lord’s day for membership in September. One of these Shane will be added, the Lord willing, by baptism the other two by transfer. There are others also considering applying for membership. We give all the glory to God. One of the boys in our Homes is also asking for baptism.
  4. We have had 8 overseas visitors with us for the past month. It sometimes meant more work particularly for the CCM staff but it was a joy to have them. They worked hard and made a real contribution in their love for Christ and service for Him. We thank the Lord for the fellowship we have in this way with numerous churches in other countries. Pray also that the experiences of these young people will mean a real increase in concern for missions.
  5. We give thanks for Edgar and Ginia the new House-parents in our CCM Boys’ Home and also for Yollyjim our new Tutor for Homes. Please pray they will quickly settle into their responsibilities and be used by God in the lives of the children.
  6. We give thanks for the successful CCM Staff Retreat at Bakasunan Resort in Tanay. The weather was good and the resort was excellent. Matters affecting the future of CCM were also discussed. May we be given much wisdom in implementing them.

Prayer Requests:

  1. We have a number of ladies expecting to give birth this month and in the next few months to their first child. Please pray for safe deliveries of their babies and for the Lord’s gracious enabling to these new parents to fulfill their God given responsibilities.
  2. Construction work begins this month on our new stairs to our Worship Hall. Please pray for the workers and for Architect Arnel, our member as he oversees the project. We are also planning to put in an elevator for the use of the disabled and the aged. Please pray for the necessary funds to complete these projects.
  3. Planning is in progress for the 2014 Pastors’ Conference. Pray for our visiting preachers from the UK and USA. Also for the books that are currently being purchased for the conference that they may arrive safely.
  4. We are still in need of Social Workers in CCM. This need is very critical please make it a matter of urgent prayer that we shall find the right people to fulfill the vacant positions. Pray also for the present staff who are currently handling a double load.
  5. Men’s Meeting on Aug 31 in Montalban to be followed by tract distribution and an evangelistic meeting. Pray this will be blessed by the Lord in conversions and regular contacts for our ongoing outreach in that area. Pray that in the will of the Lord eventually a church may be established there.
  6. Some of our members have been ill recently and have been admitted to hospital for a few days.. Please pray for good heath during these wet months when disease is rife. Particularly pray that our children will be kept well.