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First Lord’s day of September 2014

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September 7, 2014

In him (Christ) we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of his grace ~ Ephesians 1: 7

We celebrated the Lord’s Supper this evening. The joy of having fellowship in the Lord and remembering His suffering and death for His people is in deed an invaluable means of grace. In the cross we could see how God’s justice and God’s love has met fulfilling His will of saving His people. On top of the joy of celebrating this means of grace is the joy of having two more souls to celebrate with us as members of the church. We have received Ylor Sedol and Jerome Mangahas into membership. Both are still studying in the university.

image(L-R) Pastor Ramon Macapagal, Pastor Ismael Montejo Jr., Jerome Mangahas, Ylor Sedol and Pastor Brian Ellis

We have also heard testimonies of conversion from three young people who are attending the church.

image1Alizza Anatan

Alizza is a daughter of one of the former members of the church who is now residing in the provinces. She is currently studying in the university and regularly attends the Lord’s day services of the church.

image2Angeline Ebajan

Angeline formerly lives in the girl’s home of Christian Compassion Ministries. Through CCM, she was able to finish her studies and apply for a job. She thought then that freedom from the “bondage” of being in the church and the Bible teachings of CCM will make her life happy. When tragedy struck her, it was then she knew that the Lord has found her in darkness.

image3Reginald Detabali

Reginald is a young man who from Leyte. He came to Cubao so that he could find a job. He is currently studying at Grace Ministerial Academy. He also asked to be baptized by immersion, since his previous baptism was done by pouring of water.

We also heard a testimony of repentance from a former member of the church who was disciplined. Please pray that the Lord will give wisdom to the church as we go through a process of restoration.

Soli Deo Gloria

First Lord Day of July 2014

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In the first Lord’s day of July, the Lord continues to bless Cubao Reformed Baptist Church…

Jean Arboleda

Jean Arboleda giving her testimony before the church

Ms. Jean Arboleda is a member of Metropolitan Tabernacle in London (C.H. Spurgeon’s church). He is a niece of Pastor Aries Liboro of the First Reformed Baptist Church of Valenzuela. Lord willing she will be accepted into membership next month.

Carl Montemayor

Carl Montemayor giving his testimony before the church

Carl Montemayor grew up in one of the biggest Pentecostal church in the Philippines. He knew Cubao Reformed Baptist Church through it’s website. He started attending the services about some time last year. He said that he got saved in one of the Sunday School where the Great Exchange was discussed (our sins being imputed in Christ and Christ’s righteousness being imputed to believers). Lord willing he will be accepted next month.

Roderick Parco and Glenn Manuel

New deacons! Roderick Parco and Glenn Manuel

We praise the Lord for new deacons! Yesterday, our brothers Roderick Parco and Glenn Manuel were confirmed by the church to hold the office of the diaconate. That makes our deacons 6 in number. We will be grateful if you would continue to pray for us, as the church is growing and the ministry is vast. The additional men in the diaconate is indeed a great blessing from the head of the church the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Soli Deo Gloria!


First Lord’s day of March 2014

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On the first Lord’s day of March 2014, by the grace of the Lord, we witnessed 2 baptisms, 3 additional people in membership and 1 testimony of an applicant for membership.



In the morning, we baptized Ethan Smith and  Tabitha Anne Macapagal (also known as Abby). Abby is the eldest daughter of our Pastor Ramon Macapagal. Ethan Smith started attending CRBC last year.

Elders and new members

Before we celebrated the Lord’s supper, we accepted Ethan, Abby and IS (Immanuel Samuel Bautista) into membership for which we give thanks to the Lord.

Testimony of Norwina Cruz

We also heard the testimony of Norwina Cruz. She is the wife of one of our members, but her desire to become a member of the church came later. She said that she was confused as to why they have to leave their former church whom she already have friends. However, after hearing the teachings and messages in CRBC she was convinced that she has to become a member of the church.

Praise the Lord for all the work of salvation in the souls of these people. Soli Deo Gloria!

First Lord’s Days Service of September 2013

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CRBC Baptism

Veronica “Sien” Delector giving her testimony before the congregation

CRBC Baptism

Baptism of Veronica “Shane” Delector

CRBC Lord's Supper

Jill Pascual and Shane Delector reading the church covenant before the acceptance into membership

Yesterday, a baptism was conducted in Cubao Reformed Baptist Church in the person of Veronica Delector (commonly known as Sien). Sien gave her testimony before the congregation in the morning service. There were many young people in the service and we pray that through Shane’s testimony, God will speak to them as well.

In the evening we celebrated the Lord’s supper, which we commonly do every first Lord’s day of the month. There we accepted two ladies into membership, Jill Pascual, the wife of one of our deacons and Sien Delector, who was baptized earlier. Soli Deo Gloria!