Prayer Bulletin for January 2014

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Prayer Request


Praise & Thanksgiving:

  1. For the Lord’s many mercies and grace to us as a church in 2013.
  2. For the 10 members added to us during this past year – particularly for those who came to faith and were baptized.
  3. For the many opportunities given to us to proclaim the gospel, in Bible Studies, special meetings, and our regular evangelistic activities.
  4. For the provision of funds so that we have been able to air-condition our Worship Hall and also construct a wide staircase.
  5. For the Lord’s blessings on our ministries — CCM, the Drop-in street ministry and GMA. We have seen much of the Lord kindness and mercy.
  6. The wonderful response from friends overseass for the appeal for finances for the ongoing relief work among Yolanda victims. It has been beyond description.
  7. The commitment of members to the ministries of the church which could not be run without them.
  8. For the peace, love and unity experienced in the church. May the Lord be pleased to continue to bless us.

Prayer Requests:

  1. That we as a church might be even more committed to following the Saviour and living for His glory in this New Year. May He be exalted in all our meetings and activities.
  2. Wisdom on how and where to concentrate our ongoing relief activities for Yolanda victims. There is a great responsibility to use the funds received wisely and efficiently to accomplish as much good as possible. We expect such activity to continue for quite some time.
  3. We expect as many as 10 applicants to give their testimonies this month for membership. Quite a few of them are asking for baptism. All praise be to God. May the elders and the church be given much discernment.
  4. Our Annual Church Meeting is planned for the 25th. May it be a time of reflection, re-dedication to the Lord and united commitment to the ministries the Lord has called us to.
  5. Preparation for the Pastors’ Conference set for Feb 4–6. Pray particularly for the main preachers, George McDearmon (USA); Norman Hopkins (UK) and Noel Espinosa. The title of the Conference is The Man after God’s own Heart.
  6. Our continual need for additional Social Workers in CCM.
  7. The Lord is at work among our young people. May He be pleased to draw many of them unto Himself in repentance and faith.
  8. We are expecting as a church this month, to take the oversight of the church planting ministry in Morong, Rizal. Erwin Cadalin will be heading up this work in the will of the Lord. May it in the Lord’s time be established as a covenanted local church.
  9. That the Lord will provide the finances for all our ministries and for further improvements to our meeting place, such as disabled access and even the extension of our Worship Hall.
  10. We will be considering this month and next whether the Lord is raising up other men in the church particularly for the office of Deacon. Pray the Lord will give much wisdom and unity to the members in any decisions that may be reached.
  11. Formal wedding of John T. Sparrow and Virgie Biala on the 18th. Large group coming from the UK for the wedding.
  12. A number of members have been or are sick. Particularly pray of Sister Shirley who is recovering from a hysterectomy operation. Also pray for our older members, some who travel long distances to come to CRBC.

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