Missions and Outreaches

Church Planting

1. Manaoag Reformed Baptist Church, Pangasinan (Pastor Lito Labay)

They continually faithfully in the preaching and teaching of the gospel. A few have been added to their number but most are young people and ladies. They are greatly in need of men. Please pray for Pastor Lito and for the growth of the church. We are grateful for the provision of the Lord for that church and for him and his family.


2. God’s Providence Baptist Church, Tondo, Manila

CRBC has been helping and caring for our brethren in Tondo for a long time. This last November we were able after prayer and consultation to send one of our members and GMA student, Brother Larry Malabayabas to be their interim pastor. This is a temporary step only as Brother Larry hopes eventually to return to the island of Marinduque to plant a Reformed Baptist Church there. He is married with 8 children and has previously been in the ministry before enrolling as a student in GMA. Please pray that the church in Tondo will grow. They are small and have been through many trials. However there are a very faithful core of members. One of their great needs is a new meeting place. The current place is completely unsuitable. Renting in “Old Manila” which is where Tondo is located is very expensive.


3. Lubao Reformed Baptist Church, Pampanga (Pastor Gilbert Lugtu)

After a number of years under the leadership of Gilbert Lugtu our member and GMA graduate the work has begun to grow. Last July 2013 the church was organized and Gilbert ordained as Pastor. 13 covenanted together to form the church which currently meets in the Lugtu’s rented home. We continue to help support financially. They are encouraged by increased numbers attending and now finding that their home is not large enough for the meeting. Their great desire is to purchase a plot of land in the large village where they are located and build their own meeting place. A plot is currently available at about £3,500 or US$5,770.


4. Morong Reformed Baptist Outreach, Morong, Rizal

The meeting began there in 2009 mainly with the extended family of a CRBC member. As Morong was closer to Taytay we asked Pastor Olan Mendoza if he could take on this outreach. They were renting a small meeting place which had been an eatery in the past. However the work has been now returned to us and since January 2014 CRBC has taken over the Outreach again. Bro Erwin Cadalin (full time CRBC evangelist and GMA graduate) is now leading the meetings there. Nine of those who meet became members of the Taytay church and now form the core of those meeting in Morong. Please pray that this work will grow and become a constituted church before too long.


5. Montalban Reformed Baptist Outreach, Montalban Rizal

This work begin in September 2012 but was closed down in April 2013 due to the meeting place we were renting was proving too expensive. However Mailyn Balairos a CCM Housemother and CRBC member owns a small house in the area and so the work moved there and a Saturday meeting has been held. Erwin Cadalin (who is now leading the work in Morong) was first involved there and it has now been taken over by Levi Ilhig, CRBC members and GMA student. Currently meetings are held there each Saturday. Please pray that a reformed church may be established in this needy dormitory town on the outskirts of Quezon City.


Bible Studies

1. CRBC Monday Night BS for the Homeless

Between 20 to 35 men and women gather each Monday evening at the church to study the Scriptures. This is led my Armando Dalut (one of our married men). They have been having a series of studies in the Gospel of John. The folk come and have a shower first before the study begins. Please pray that the Lord will be pleased to save these dear poor people who come every Monday to study the Word of God.


2. Agham Road, Quezon City (CCM Recipients)

Between 5 and 10 people meet each Friday afternoon. The meeting is led by Bro. Erwin Cadalin. Those who come greatly appreciate the opportunity to study the Bible even though they are few. Some of those who attend have already removed their images from their homes and no longer attend the RC church. The current problem is that the government is in the process of relocating these “informal settlers” to an area usually far outside of Metro-Manila.


3. New York Street, Cubao (CCM Recipients)

Between 2 and 5 people attend each Thursday afternoon and Bro Erwin Cadalin is the leader. One of the mothers here is now teaching her family what she has been learning from the weekly Bible Study. Please pray that the Word of God will be used to bring these ladies to trust in Christ. Pray also that the numbers will increase.


4. Kamias, Cubao (CCM Recipients)

This area is a very crowded shanty area built alongside a creek which floods every time in rains heavily. Many have to evacuate their homes when that happens usually moving to an upper floor in their shanties or moving in with a neighbour in their small one room dwelling. The Bible Study here is again led by Bro. Erwin each Thursday at 5.00 pm after the New York Study is finished. They meet in the home of Emy Abulag who is a member of CRBC. Again only 2 or 3 attend from other homes. These once more are ladies.


5. San Mateo Road, Batasan

This is a new BS led by Pastor Ismael Montejo each Saturday afternoon in the home of Ate Nitz Manuel (a CRBC member). Between 5 and 8 family members and friends gather each week. It stopped for a while but has started again this year. Prayer is particularly asked for Grace Manuel the daughter of Ate Nitz that she might be saved. She also sometimes attends CRBC with her mother.


6. TSPI – V. Luna Road, Quezon City

TSPI is a Christian micro-finance organization helping people to develop livelihoods. Pastor Ismael Montejo has been invited to conduct weekly devotions, every Friday, at their branch office in Quezon City. Those who attend mainly come from Charismatic churches and some are Roman Catholics. Please pray that the Word of God will be used to draw those who are nominal believers to true faith in Christ.


7. 139 Ermin Garcia, Cubao

This is held in a small building owned by CCM in one of the slum areas in Cubao. Only a few attend and sometimes Pastor Ismael asks whether it is worth continuing. Yet there are 3 older men who always come – Tatay Zoilo, Lando and Fermin. Tatay Zoila cannot walk very well yet he always comes and struggles to climb the stairs to the upper room where the meeting is held. Pray these men will come to true saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.


8. Ortigas (A Large Commercial Area)

Deacon Joel Pascual leads this study with some of the members of a large mega church. Ethan who has been attending this BS has been attending CRBC and is applying now for membership.


Other Outreaches Ministries

Tract Distribution

This is not as frequent as we would like but the giving of tracts in undertaken in the main thoroughfare of Cubao as well as in the various roads off of Aurora Boulevard. Bro. Arman usually leads this tract distribution.


Drop-In Thursday Night Meeting

This is for the homeless and usually between 60 and 100 come every Thursday evening, to have a bath, do their laundry, have some good food and to hear the preaching of the Word of God. These meetings have now been continuing for ten years. We thank the Lord for the few who have come to repentance of sin and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ by His grace and power. They are now in membership with us.  Deacon Virgo Ablao leads this ministry with a fine band of volunteers from among the church members. (This is mainly finances through Christian Compassion Ministries CCM)



Various camps are held during the year. There are those organized by CCM for teenagers and parents. Also a camp for the Homeless. They are times for such poor folk to leave the slums and the poverty where they stay to get out into the country at a camp site. To have good food and enjoy themselves in a Christian atmosphere and to regularly hear the preaching and teaching of the Word of God.



Donations for our ministries can be given in the following ways.



CHINA BANK, Aurora Blvd Branch Cubao, Quezon City.
Account Name:   Cubao Reformed Baptist Church
Account #        104-0031517
Please inform the CRBC Office by email of the deposit and what it is to be used for.
Email: crbcoffice@gmail.com



Mr. John Lovell,
Missionary Secretary,
Wattisham Baptist Church
8 Windermere Road,
Stowmarket  IP14 1LD
Tel: 9\01449-612-264
Cheques should be made out to Wattisham Baptist Church
Please inform John Lovell what the gift is to be used for.


Donations should be sent to:
Aaron Schavey
402 Studebaker
Mishawaka, IN  46544

Checks should be made payable to:  Grace Fellowship Church
A tax deductible receipt may be requested.



Please see the CCM website for contacts in other countries.



Please see the CCM website.