Grace Ministerial Academy

A ministry of Cubao Reformed Baptist Church and is a church based seminary for the training of men to be pastors and preachers of God’s word.

Classes are open to men, who are already in the ministry, on a part or full time basis and to men who are desirous of receiving training for the ministry. It is hoped that men already in the pastoral office will avail themselves of the opportunity of equipping themselves further for the task to which the Lord has called them. We are to give ourselves to the study of the word of God.

For those needing accommodation, accommodation is available free of charge during their time of study. Scholarships are also available for deserving students.

“What is needed? The primary need is for preachers. God has done His greatest work in the world and in the Church through preachers; and never was there a greater need of preachers than today… One of the most alarming and most regrettable aspects of our present Church life is the paucity of preachers of the Word… We are out to produce preachers and pastors… This is not to be a college to produce specialists. It is to produce men who will be preaching Sunday by Sunday to congregations of ordinary people.”

Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
(On the inauguration of the London Theological Seminary)

Mandate of Grace Ministerial Academy

GMA owns the mandate of: Training men to.., preach the Word of God and pastor the Church of Christ. That slogan alerts the reader to the concentration of GMA – the minister and the ministry of the Word. While there are many aspects to the building up of the church, none is more significant than the ministry of the Word. By concentrating on this, GMA is involved in the very heart of the Christian cause – the expansion of Christ’s kingdom in evangelization, discipleship, and reformation. Each of these aspects of the Christian cause is to be pursued by the most eminent weapon in the arsenal of the church: the preaching and teaching of the Word of God. This is what Paul describes as, “the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but might in God for pulling down strongholds” (2 Corinthians 10:4). GMA is an institution that seeks to mold preachers and pastors. This is the crying need of churches in our day.

Training for the ministry is to be conducted by men who have the call and competence of leading the people of God in the church. Academic and professional achievements do not a ministerial tutor make. The tutors of those who will train future church leaders must be like Timothy, “strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.”

The content of study for ministerial training is defined for us. It is apostolic teaching – “the things you have heard from me.&rdquo In a time when the church’s agenda is defined by the world’s preoccupation (marketing promotions, psychological self-enhancement, organizational sophistication, etc.) there is a great need to return to the apostolic message. We need ministers who are expert, above all, in the Scriptures. The mandate therefore that GMA owns is to make would-be ministers thoroughly equipped for the ministry of the Word of God.

What is the envisioned goal of the teaching and training? Not to create a breed of glib chatterers of inspirational talk. What is needed are men who can teach the Word of God with wisdom and preach it with passion! It is for this that Grace Ministerial Academy is established.

1. Tutors should be noted for Christian character and proven competence, and are (or had been) engaged in serious pastoral ministry.
2. Exposition of biblical material shall be paramount.
3. Instruction will carefully relate to the historic distinctive of Evangelical confessions.
4. Instruction will intelligently respond to contemporary issues of faith, ministry and ethics.
5. Instruction will pastorally apply to the concerns of preaching and church ministries.
6. Reformation of active pastors coming from any Evangelical affiliation, who are willing to learn, will be a conscious goal and design of instruction.

1. They must be vouched for by their elders(s) or congregation as to character and gifts for ministry
2. They must exercise a humble and teachable attitude.
3. They must be willing to undergo spiritual oversight.
4. They must have the intellect for diligent study.
    • Sufficient knowledge of the English language
    • Able to read comprehensive Christian literature
    • Able to communicate well orally and in writing
5. First-time students are under probation during their first year of study.

1. The Academy does not exist primarily to obtain credentials in the eyes of men, but is the tool of churches of like faith to commend men for the ministry.
2. The primary cedential, therefore, the Academy will grant is the minister’s commendation of students to the churches.
cf. 2Cor.3:1;5:12;10:12;2Tim.2:15