First Lord’s day of March 2014

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On the first Lord’s day of March 2014, by the grace of the Lord, we witnessed 2 baptisms, 3 additional people in membership and 1 testimony of an applicant for membership.



In the morning, we baptized Ethan Smith and  Tabitha Anne Macapagal (also known as Abby). Abby is the eldest daughter of our Pastor Ramon Macapagal. Ethan Smith started attending CRBC last year.

Elders and new members

Before we celebrated the Lord’s supper, we accepted Ethan, Abby and IS (Immanuel Samuel Bautista) into membership for which we give thanks to the Lord.

Testimony of Norwina Cruz

We also heard the testimony of Norwina Cruz. She is the wife of one of our members, but her desire to become a member of the church came later. She said that she was confused as to why they have to leave their former church whom she already have friends. However, after hearing the teachings and messages in CRBC she was convinced that she has to become a member of the church.

Praise the Lord for all the work of salvation in the souls of these people. Soli Deo Gloria!

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