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Christian Compassion Ministries (CCM)
The Cubao Reformed Baptist Church is not able to finance all this work and we have looked to the Lord to provide the finances though his people worldwide. We have been greatly encouraged by the generosity and kindness of the people of God.

Children’s Homes – We are seeking sponsors for all the children in the Homes. It costs £550 (US$1,100) a year to keep a child. This covers the cost of food, clothing, education, medical, utilities, transportation, outings and the salaries of the Housemothers.

Educational Assistance – The sponsorship program for the children from the poor communities costs £180 (US$360) a year. This covers the cost of shoes, uniform, rain-gear, notebooks etc, plus a monthly allowance and money for school projects for each child. It furthermore contributes to a Social Worker’s salary. We also provide a Christmas party and gift. During the summer we hold a summer camp for teenagers from the program.

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