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Grace Ministerial Academy – Subjects for 2nd Semester 2013 – 2014

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November 13, 2013 – March 27, 2014

NT: Gospel of John – 2 units

Tutor: Pastor Noel A. Espinosa
Schedule: Tuesday, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

Dogmatics 4: Doctrine of Christ – 3 units

Tutor: Pastor Noel A. Espinosa
Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday 9:30 am – 11:30 am

Polemics – 2 units

Tutor: Pastor Noel Espinosa
Schedule: Thursday, 11:30pm – 1:00pm

Languages: Hebrew & Greek – 2 units

Assistant Tutor: Bro. Recman Denus
Schedule: Wednesday morning, as arranged

Christian History: Modern Church 1 – 2 units

Tutor: Pastor Brian Ellis
Schedule: Tuesday, 2:00 pm

Modular Course: Pentateuch – 2 units

Tutor: Dr. Ian Densham
Schedule: November 19 – 28, 2013

For more information please download the file: PDF

Prayer Items for the Month of October 2013

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Cubao Reformed Baptist Church

Bulletin for October 2013




3    GMA End of 1st Semester.
9-11     Drop-in Camp       at Jabez,Camp Site, Dasmarinas
13  Lord’s Day 1:45 YP – Discussion with Dr Carmela
15 Church Outing      (National Holiday) All are invited
19  Church Members’ Meeting  (2.00 pm)
27  Lord’s Day 1:45 YP Fellowship


8    Pastors’ Felowship with Pastor Joshua Sheldon (USA)
12  GMA 2nd Semester opening
17  1.45pm YP Fellowship
29-30   YP Overnight at CRBC
30  Couples’ Fellowship


7    Sunday School Program
10  CCM Homes Party
12  Drop-in Year End Party
14  am CCM EAP Party
pm CRBC Church Party



Praise & Thanksgiving:

  1. For the baptism of Siene Delector the first Lord’s Day of Sept.
  2. We expect to have Dr Carmela Espanola to be added the first Lord’s Day of October by transfer from the UK.
  3. The safe delivery of a baby boy – Alexander to Leah and Leo Torres.
  4. Completion of our new staircase,
  5. For the many visitors we are having. One recently came looking for a reformed church. We have news of others wanting to attend with us because they want a Reformed Church.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Drop-in Camp for the Homeless 9th–11th at Jabez. Pray for the ministry of the word and for the camp staff. Above all pray that the word will find a place in the hearts of all who hear and that the Lord will be pleased to save sinners.
  2. On the 15th there is planned a church outing and fellowship. May this be blessed of the Lord in bringing us even closer together in love for one another. May we have good weather.
  3. Church Members’ Meeting on the 19th. We rejoice in God’s goodness and mercy to us as a church. May all the glory be given unto him. Pray for wisdom in making decisions during the meeting.
  4. GMA will be on semestrial break from the 4th. May the men be refreshed and encouraged in their home churches. Pray for Pastor Espinosa that he may get some rest during this time.
  5. CCM is still in great need of Social Workers. Please pray that the Lord will bring to us the people of His choice. Virgie Biala also steps down from being the Director of the Children’s Homes at the end of the month. Pray for Analyn Ablao as she takes over the position.
  6. Scott and Emilyn Delohery believe the Lord would have them return to the USA at this time. Scott will leave on the 8th to look for work and a place to stay. Emy and Daniel will follow later. Pray for them as they make this transition. They hope to be able also to help promote CCM in the US.
  7. We need wisdom as to the Lord’s will as we consider further expansion work on our building. We are greatly in need of an elevator for the disabled, aged and infirm to be able to reach our second floor Worship Hall. We are also considering the possible doubling of the size of our Worship Hall.
  8. Continue to bring before the Lord our Evangelistic Bible Studies in the Cubao area as well as in Montalban. Pray for conversions. Also for conversions among our children and regular attenders in our meetings.
  9. Remember Larry Malabayabas (our member and GMA student) who is now Acting Pastor in Providence Baptist Church Tondo.
  10. Pray for our expectant mothers. Crisel Cadalin who is due later this October. She has been diagnosed with gall stones and is in need of an operation. However this cannot be performed until after the delivery of her baby. Also pray for expectant mother Jill Pascual, wife of our deacon Joel due in January.
  11. There are others in the congregation who are considering applying for membership. May they be encouraged to so apply. Pray for wisdom for the Elders to be discerning in examining candidates for membership.
  12. Above all pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon us all that we may be more faithful and Christ like in all we do. That sinners may be drawn to the Lord and saved from their sins.

2009 Pastors’ Conference

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Pastor Brian Ellis

Reformation - MP3

Geoff King

Preaching from Ephesians #1 - MP3
Preaching from Ephesians #2 - MP3
Preaching from Ephesians #3 - MP3
Preaching from Ephesians #4 - MP3

Pastor Mark Chanski

Manly Dominion #1 - MP3
Manly Dominion #2 - MP3
Manly Dominion #3 - MP3

Pastor Noel Espinosa

The Challenge of Calvin’s Preaching - MP3
The Universal Church #1 - MP3
The Universal Church #2 - MP3

Open Forum

Question and Answer - MP3

2010 Pastors Conference

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The Church in Difficult Times


Pastor Carl Muller

Message from Isaiah 40 - MP3
Balance and the Christian Ministry - MP3
Fear and the Christian Ministry - MP3
Sovereignty and the Christian Ministry - MP3

Dr. Ian Densham

The Glory of God’s Person - MP3
The Glory of God’s grace - MP3
The Glory of God’s house - MP3

Pastor Noel Espinosa

Crisis in Nature #1 - MP3
Crisis in Nature #2 - MP3
Crisis in Politics - MP3

Pastor Rodel Lasco

The Christian and Climate Change - MP3 PPT

Open Forum

Question and Answer - MP3

Pastor Brian Ellis’ 75th Birthday

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Pastor Brian Ellis and Ate Necy Ellis

Pastor Brian Ellis and Ate Necy Ellis

Yesterday, the church remembered the goodness of the Lord in the life of Pastor Brian Ellis.  The church prepared a short program after the afternoon worship service.  Pastor Ramon Macapagal (one of the three elders of the church) hosted the program. He together with his wife prepare some questions about the life of Pastor Brian so that the people in the church will be able to know more about him.

In answering the questions, Pastor Brian was able to give us a glimpse of his life and his experiences. He shared to us that back in England he no longer has a family.  He is the only child of his parents and he doesn’t have any relatives.  He always stresses to us that everything that happened in his life is because of the providence of God.  Because of that he was able to give his life to missions and the work here in the Philippines.  Before he was a missionary, he worked as a school teacher.  He taught math and later on he was assigned to teach science.  He told us that while conducting an experiment in a chemistry class, he was trying to extract hydrogen.  .  His experiment went wrong and blew up the school.  He just thank the Lord that at that instance no one got hurt.  We also know now why he doesn’t like the color violet, particularly light violet!

Pastor Ramon also asked about Pastor Brian’s hobbies.  Of course for many of us, we know that he really like to go out and do bird watching.  On one occasion when  the Christian Compassion Ministries staff went for a retreat, his camera, instead of having pictures of people, was filled with pictures of birds!  Before, Pastor Brian enjoys growing orchids in his garden.  But when personal computers became a hit, he totally left taking care of his orchids and spends his time learning how to use the computer.  He was so enthusiastic to it the he learn how to make a network.  He even was the one who made the very first website of Cubao Reformed Baptist Church.   But in the process all the orchids died.  Then he also shared with us that when he was young he used to join long distance running.  He also like to drive in a car race.  Pastor Ramon joke and said that when you are in a vehicle and Pastor Brian is driving, you will become more spiritual!

Members and visitors

Members and visitors

Pastor Brian told us the story of his conversion experience. It is not dramatic, but he knew very well that the Lord dealt with him.  There were people who came to his life that God used, for him to start going to church.  But he knew that the Lord particularly dealt with him when he participated in a camp in Keswick.  They went to hike in one of the mountains in Keswick, but he was too sick to continue.  He stopped and laid down because of fatigue and he said that it was there that he was converted.

Later on, he joined the Overseas Missionary Fellowship.  From England he traveled by ship to Singapore because it is cheaper, but that takes longer. Going to the Philippines was not his plan for missions.  His first choice was Japan, but that didn’t materialized.   He thought of going either to Laos or Thailand.  Later on, OMF decided that he will be sent to the Philippines.  He mostly work in the island of Mindoro, that is at the south west end of Luzon before Palawan.

It was at Singapore where he first met Ms. Necy Goco, who later became his wife.  Ate Necy (as people use to call her) was Pastor Brian’s Tagalog language teacher.  When Ate Necy visited Manila from Singapore to study, Pastor Brian took a plane and visit her.  His flight back to Mindoro was delayed for some days, because the runway in Mindoro was made of grass and frequently flooded.  Because of the situation, he surprised Ate Necy a visit everyday.

Members and Children

Members and Children

Back then, the regulation of the OMF was a hindrance for him to marry Ate Necy and then continue stay in the Philippines as a missionary, but again by God’s providence, they were able to.  On the day of their wedding, Pastor Ellis was sick with German measles. He said that his cheeks and the back of his neck was very red, but that didn’t stop him from going to the wedding.  They were married in an Alliance church and had their reception at the original Max’s restaurant down in Quezon Avenue.  The cost per plate back then was 15 pesos!

Food was served in the fellowship hall

Food was served in the fellowship hall

We ended the program by singing the hymn Light up this house with glory Lord, which was Pastor Brian’s choosing. After the program we shared a very nice meal prepared by the ladies of the church by the leadership of Deacon Louie Lim.

We truly thank the Lord for the life of Pastor Brian Ellis.  The Lord our God by His providence truly used him for the life of of His people in Cubao Reformed Baptist Church, the children of Christian Compassion Ministries, the students at Grace Ministerial Academy and also the churches of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ both here in the Philippines and abroad. To God be the Glory!

2011 Pastors’ Conference

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Faithful to the Word of God


Pastor Ramon Macapagal

Paul’s view of the Christian Ministry – MP3

Maciek StolarsKi

Use of Literature in the Ministry – MP3

Pastor Noel Espinosa

Thank God for the King James Version – MP3
Move on From the King James Version - MP3
From Manuscripts to Manuscript – MP3

Pastor Phil Arthur

Martin Luther and the Bondage of the Will – MP3
A Glorious High Throne – MP3
Worthy is the Lamb – MP3

Pastor Mark Raines

Models for the Ministry #1 – Paul a Contented Servant – MP3
Models for the Ministry #2 - Timothy a Caring Servant – MP3
Models for the Ministry #2 - Epaphroditus a Courageous Servant – MP3

Open Forum

Question and Answer – MP3

2012 Pastors’ Conference Part 2

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Since 1991 the Cubao Reformed Baptist Church has been enabled by the grace of God to hold an annual conference for Pastors. This has proved a blessing and a good number of men have testified that they have found the Conference profitable to their souls.

Steven Hofmaier

The Ministry of Elijah #1 - MP3
The Ministry of Elijah #2 - MP3
The Ministry of Elijah #3 - MP3

Jim Sayers

The Ministry of Missions #1 – MP3
The Ministry of Missions #2 – MP3

Open Forum

Question and Answers - MP3