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Effect of Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) and CRBC’s Relief Work

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Tacloban Survivors (Photo courtesy of the Philippine Daily Inquirer)
Manila was not affected by the Typhoon but areas in central Philippines were terrible devastated.

The worst affected area is in northern Leyte and particularly the City of Tacloban as well as parts of the large island of Samar. It is very difficult at the moment to get any personal news except what is coming over on the News Channels.

However other areas are also affected and needing help such as northern Panay, Bohol and parts of Cebu. There are Reformed Baptist churches in these areas.

Some of the members of Cubao Reformed Baptist Church have family members in these areas. We are seeking to contact them and learn more of how we can help. However in many areas communications are down.

CRBC and our CCM Foundation will be seeking to help with relief. We cannot do much at the present moment due to lack of communications almost everywhere in the typhoon affected areas. Travel is also very restricted as airports are closed and bridges and roads affected. However relief will be needed in the long term as well as the immediate needs which the government and major relief organizations are seeking to meet.

We are sending two of our members to give us better information. One of them is from the major affected area.

CRBC/CCM Relief work however seeks to work with local churches, first those which are Reformed Baptist and then other evangelical churches. We send a small team  to work with the church and its members in distributing relief goods. The gospel is also preached by our team. The extent of the present needs seem to be vast and long term relief work may well be needed as many homes have been destroyed over a vast swath of the country in many provinces. Only slowly are needs being made known.

Be assured we shall be seeking to help in any way we can. Our particularly concern is also to help fellow believers who are in desperate need but also any to whom we can be of help and comfort.

If you wish to help with donations please send money through Christian Compassion Ministries.

Philippines Contact Address
CCM, 44 Notre Dame St., Cubao,
1102 Quezon City, Philippines
(+632 9125062)

UK Contact Address for donations
CCM c/o Mrs. Angela Green
Netherfold, Heath Road, Woolpit
Bury St. Edmunds, IP30 9RU

USA Contact Address for Donations
Mr. Aaron Schavey
402 Studebaker
Mishawaka, IN 46544

AUSTRALIA Contact Address
Mr. Cliff Langton
23 Kipara Road
Thagoona, Queensland 4306

NEW ZEALAND Contact Address
Warwick Worth,
P.O. Box 217237
Botany Junction, Auckland 2164

Relief work for those affected by typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan)

Written by jorupacs on . Posted in Featured News, November 2013, Relief Operation

Initial planning for the relief work headed by Deacon Louie Lim

Initial planning for the relief work headed by Deacon Louie Lim

Below is a statement of Pastor Brian Ellis about the recent typhoon that swept in central Philippines:

Dear Brethren

We are getting inquiries from many people about the Typhoon.

This was one of the most destructive ever according to news channels.

It did not affect Manila area but went through the Central Philippines.

Communications are down, no electricity in those areas due to poles down etc. Therefore we
have had no contact with churches or brethren in those areas. We are praying for them and
seeking to try to contact them but nothing as of the Lord’s Day morning (November 10, 2013).

We value your prayers as we seek to find out ways particularly to help our Christian brethren
and churches.

Thank you for your loving concern and prayers.

Brian Ellis


Since 2009, Cubao Reformed Baptist Church (CRBC) together with its benevolent arm, Christian Compassion Ministries, engages in relief operation work for those that were heavily affected by typhoon in the Philippines.  This was made possible by the donation of churches, friends and believers from abroad.  CRBC in turn reaches these affected places and distribute relief in accordance to the needs of the people which is usually food, portable water and medicine.  The Lord has been gracious by giving us churches who we can partner with in this endeavor to ensure that the relief items are given to those who are in real need but most especially to deliver the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and open the Word of God to tell people the will of God in this trying times.  As we once again look unto the Lord to help those who are badly affected, the church is planning to send relief to Tacloban, Leyte, where news reports says is 95% destroyed by the typhoon.  We do value your prayers for this work. Soli Deo Gloria!

For your donations you may contact:

Cubao Reformed Baptist Church
21 Harvard St, Cubao, Quezon City
Tel.: 911-0626
Office Tel.: 438-4681


Christian Compassion Ministries

Christian Compassion Ministries
Berean Bible Church
c/o Mr. Cliff Langton, 23 Kipara Road, Thagoona, Queensland 4306

New Zealand
Christian Compassion Ministries
c/o Warwick Worth
32 Leithom Close Glenleith Dubedin 9010, New Zealand

North America
Christian Compassion Ministries
c/o Mr. Aaron Schavey
402 Studebaker, Mishawaka, IN 46544
United State of America

Christian Compassion Ministries Foundation Inc.
44 Notre Dame St., Cubao 1102 Quezon City,
Tel: — (632)912-5062; (632)438-4162; (632)421-6381

United Kingdom
Christian Compassion Ministries
c/o Mrs. Angela Green
Netherfold, Heath Road, Woolpit
Bury St. Edmunds, IP30 9RU, United Kingdom
CCM UK – Registered Charity Number: 1084104