Annual Pastors Conference

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Since 1991 the Cubao Reformed Baptist Church has been enabled by the grace of God to hold an annual conference for Pastors. This has proved a blessing and a good number of men have testified that they have found the Conference profitable to their souls.

We normally visiting preachers from overseas to minister during the conference. The conference was initially held over two days but in the past few years has been extended to three days. Due to costs it is not possible to make the conference residential although accommodation is provided for men from the provinces.

CDs in MP3 format of the messages over the past years are available from the Church Office.

The aim of the Conference is to challenge pastors with the need of reformation in our churches as well as to provide fellowship, discussion and help for men in the ministry

25th Pastors’ Conference (February 2015)

Our Annual Pastors’ Conference, in the providence of God, took place the first week of February with order and much spiritual blessing.

Tuesday 3rd, February. Everything was ready for the Conference, but as always, everything on paper is not always what transpires in reality. As early as 7am, participants began to register. We only expected a little more than 250 participants but the turn out was 320.

145 visitors stayed overnight at CRBC. Some slept in our Sunday School rooms, some in the GMA students Dorm Rooms and some in our multi-purpose Fellowship Hall. While other slept anywhere they could lay their heads. It was very difficult for those looking after the accommodation, but all was well, though not necessarily very comfortable. However they were happily accommodated.

Four boxes of books for the conference were stollen when the delivery truck was hijacked at gun point in Manila. Pastor Ellis made a way to augment the missing books. Praise God everyone received some free books.

Truly, none of these things could disrupt the work of the Lord in the conference. Pastor Willy Obredor, a young graduate of GMA and now a Pastor in Lipa City, gave the opening message. The second session was handled by Pastor Noel Espinosa preaching on ‘Reclaiming the primacy of preaching’. It made us examine our own preaching ministry. The third session was the first of two sessions on ‘The Moral Law” by Dr. Ian Densham. The last session was a biographical sketch of John Bunyan and his famous book ‘Pilgrims Progress’ delivered by Pastor Jeremy Walker.

Break Time

Break Time

Wednesday 4th, February. The day began with Pastor Ian Densham giving the second lecture on “The Moral Law Applied.” That was then followed by Pastor Jeremy preaching on “Passing through a passing world’. The third session after lunch was by Pastor Noel Espinosa on “Preaching—Expounding with integrity” . The final session of the day was another biographical lecture, this time on ‘John Knox, the great Scots reformer given by Dr. Ian Densham.

Thursday 5th, February. Finally, the last day of the conference had come. The day opened with Pastor Noel on “Preaching—Strive for clarity”. Jeremey Walker then powerfully preached on “Pressing forward to an eternal kingdom.”

After the lunch break, came the Open Forum. This is the time for delegates to raise questions. The Lord gave help and wisdom to the preachers and all questions were answered satisfactorily and helpfully.

The closing sermon was then delivered by Pastor Gilbert MacAdam. He preached on the important place of prayer in the life of the minister. A very fitting closing message. With all the knowledge gained, only prayer will make such knowledge effectual.

We thank all those who sacrificially volunteered to help. The members behind the food we ate, those who handled the registration headed by Deacon Glenn Manuel, the sound system looked after by Ricman Denus, the session leaders, the GMA students and those silent volunteers whom God used to make this conference truly orderly and blessed.


One of the tools for reformation are the reformed books that we give away at the conference. Pastor Ellis facilitates the availability of these books. During conferences some men will tell how they have come to reformed convictions through the books they have received during the conferences.

After the conference, men have approached us expressing their heartfelt appreciation for the messages. We have also received emails applauding the messages at the conference.

Brethren, join us in praising and giving glory to God.


The Conference is only open to men in the pastoral ministry, those training in Seminary or Bible School, plus any key men in the church who are engaged in the regular preaching of God’s Word. It is not open to any one.