24th Annual Pastors’ Conference Sessions

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A Man After God’s Own Heart

Annual Pastors Conference

Opening Message

More Excellent Way (1 Corintians 13) by Pastor Diego Bulato - MP3

Pastor George McDearmon

Paul’s Thorn In The Flesh #1 - MP3
Paul’s Thorn In The Flesh #2 - MP3
Paul’s Thorn In The Flesh #3 - MP3

Pastor Norman Hopkins

Lessons From Spurgeon #1: His Life and Ministry - MP3
Lessons From Spurgeon #2: His Sufferings - MP3
Lessons From Spurgeon #3: His Doctrine and the Downgrade Controversy - MP3

Pastor Noel Espinosa

Fundamentalism: Evangelism vs. Decisionism – MP3 Presentation
Fundamentalism: Spirituality vs. Conservatism – MP3 | Presentation
Fundamentalism: Liberty vs. Abstinence – MP3 Presentation

Closing Message

Preaching The Word of God by Pastor Brian Ellis - MP3

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