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First Lord’s day of August 2014

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In the first Lord’s day of August, the Lord has bless Cubao Reformed Baptist Church by adding three new people in the membership…


We received (L-R) Carl Montemayor, Lowey Artaste and Jean Borela.

The Lord never ceased to impressed us. This time we have 3 new applicants for membership who have given their testimony before the church.

First is Jerome Mangahas. He is the younger brother of Joseph Mangahas (A recent member in the church and a student at Grace Ministerial Academy). Jerome travels from Malolos, Bulacan (a province near Metro Manila) and it means that he has to save his weekly allowance as a student to be able to fund his commute to the church. Currently, he is studying in a University in Bulacan.


Next is Yllor Sedol. He is a friend of Carl Montemayor (a recent member of the church) and was the one who shared to him the doctrines of sovereign grace. While he became a believer in a Pentecostal church, he was able to access sermons of reformed preachers in the internet. This prompted him to find a reformed church which has brought him to CRBC. The church was moved with his testimony because it is one that gives colorful illustrations of how the Lord has called him from his sin to the Lord Jesus Christ.


Last to give testimony is Natalie Vellacott. She came to the Philippines from the UK as a missions worker assigned in Olongapo. However, it was decided that she would continue her work in Cubao. She works with street children and she helps to bring some of the street children to the church every Lord’s day. Her testimony shows to us how the Lord can get us even if we try to run from Him and to hide in the darkness of the world.

Please do continue to pray for Cubao Reformed Baptist Church. The Lord has indeed been gracious to us, but we plead for more grace.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Prayer Bulletin for August 2014

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Cubao, Quezon City

Dates for August
 9th Sat 3:00 pm   Church Anniversary with Ptr Ferdie Facundo as preacher.
20th-21st Church Retreat in Tanay.  Members and Friends are invited to attend. There are costs.
25th Monday (holiday)  Sunday School Seminar – Organized by Los Banos and Pastor Espinosa.



Praise & Thanksgiving

  1. We give thanks to the Lord for his many mercies to us as a church over 35 years of existence. (We are postponing our Anniversary celebration one week until the 9th due to a seminar on the 2nd.)
  2. We thank the Lord also for newly accepted members and expect 3 more to join us on the 3rd.
  3. For one new Social Worker in CCM Homes – Roanne and one House Mother. We expect two other Social Workers to join us this month of August. Give thanks to the Lord for answering our prayers. May they prove an asset to the ministry.
  4. GMA Modular Class on the Synoptic Gospels with Dr. Ian Densham. May the men who have taken the course be richly blest.
  5. The Lecture on George Whitefield with Dr Densham. May it prove a great blessing and challenge to us all to proclaim the glorious gospel of sovereign grace even more.

Prayer Requests:

  1. May we glorify our Gracious God in our Anniversary on the 9th with Ptr Ferdie Facundo to preach on “The Glory of God in the midst of Darkness” Ezekiel 1.
  2. During our Anniversary we are planning to ordain Glen Manuel and Roderick Parco in the Office of Deacon. May this be a blessed time for them as they take up their roles as deacon and an encouragement to the church. We shall then have six deacons to oversee the many practical matters of the members and the church property.
  3. Church retreat planned for the 20th-21st in Tanay. Pray the Lord will bring us even closer together in our love for one another and our desire to serve and glorify Him.
  4. Our ongoing relief efforts in Tacloban. We expect to be transporting 150 blackboards there for the use of schools as well as other materials and supplies. Continuing also in our re-roofing program.
  5. We are seeking to have plans drawn up for the extension of our Worship Hall which is often becoming very full on a Lord’s Day morning. Please pray that we may know the guidance of the Lord in this step and the even larger one of actually constructing the same.
  6. Pray for our members who are preachers and taking the main lead in ministering in other churches and outreaches. Pastor Larry Malabayabas in God’s Providence Baptist Church; Tondo. Erwin Cadalin in our church planting work in Morong, Rizal; Levi Ilhig in Montalban and Taytay; Joseph Mangahas also in Sovereign Grace Baptist Church Taytay. Also remember our 3 Elders.
  7. Continue to pray that we may see more people coming to faith in Christ. Particularly pray for our young people and children. May they be convicted of their sins and their desperate need of the Saviour.
  8. Pray for conversions among the homeless who attend our Thursday night Drop-in meetings. May the Lord be pleased to save them from their sins.
  9. We had been hoping to begin the first stage of construction of the CCM Boys’ Home. There have been some holdups. May this go ahead in the near future. Please also pray the large sum of money that will be needed to complete the project.
  10. We have been having visitors to our services through the influence of our website. May those who come find a home with us where they may grow in grace and the knowledge of the Saviour.
  11. Relief operation for the victims of Typhoon Glenda in Calauag Quezon (members of Ptr Romy Endaya) – volunteers from CRBC
  12. Dr Ian Densham to visit Baguio and Manaoag 4th-7th for historical lecture to be accompanied by Ptr Ismael middle of the month